Always Organic

The herbs, spices and essential oils we use in our Gusto range of drinks reach their roots deep into organic soil. The EU Organic, USDA NOP and QAI organic marks on Gusto Cola guarantee it is free from pesticide residue, produced without harming the environment and free from artificial and genetically modified ingredients.

Naturally Low Calorie

We use three sources of sweetness for Gusto Cola:

Organic Cane Sugar

A natural Fairtrade-certified organic sweetener  from Fairtrade farms in Paraguay. Our blend of organic plant sweeteners enables us to reduce the calorie level of Gusto Cola to a level that is 33% of regular cola.  We are one-third the calories of Coke and half the calories of Coke Life – naturally.

Organic Stevia

Organic Stevia leaf extract — a safe and natural no-calorie sweetener, Stevia is a small shrub-like herb native to South America. The leaves of the stevia plant contain sweet compounds named steviol glycosides. Dried stevia leaves have been used to sweeten beverages (maté, teas)  as well as foods for centuries. The scientific name for stevia is Stevia Rebaudiana L. Bertoni and it is a member of the largest family of plants, Asteraceae which is also called the “sunflower family”.

Organic Inulin

Organic agave inulin — inulin has half the sweetness intensity of sugar and has a very low impact on blood sugar levels. Extracted from organic blue agave cacti in Mexico, our inulin  supports the growth of gut flora that promote efficient calcium absorption for bone strength.   Where other colas use phosphoric acid that may contribute to bone mineral depletion, our Gusto Cola benefits stomach flora and bone mineral absorption — it’s a cola like no other.

fairtradeOur cane sugar and Madagascan vanilla extract are Fairtrade-certified as well as organic.  The sugar comes from Azucarera Paraguaya (AZPA) in Paraguay. Their mission is to provide the highest quality sugar while keeping environmental impact to a minimum. Each grower receives the same payment per ton of sugar cane and is guaranteed quick payment, usually within 15 days.

The Sugar Cane Mill provides assistance to all the Mill employees, Sugar Cane farmers and their families. Schools are provided for the children of all employees and agricultural workers. Healthcare is also provided for all employees, farmers and their families.  Growers receive a guaranteed price and are paid within 15 days of delivery. The sugar mill, its employees and the farmers all benefit from Fairtrade certified status.

Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming:-Between 2001 and 2013, there was an 18-fold increase in land dedicated to organic sugar cane cultivation in Paraguay alone–from 10,000 acres to over 180,000 acres. As demand for organic sugar continues to increase, more and more local farmers are receiving training and help to convert to organic farming practices. With more farmers converting to organic cultivation less pollutants are going on the land, which helps protect the environment, as well as the health of farmers and their families. After the farmers take their cane to the mill for processing the used sugar cane, called bagasse, is used as fuel for the generators to power the mill and surrounding villages.

All of the sugar cane that is harvested from our farming cooperatives in Paraguay is “green cut”. This means all of the cane is cut by hand and never sprayed or burned. The leaves and tops of the sugar cane are left in the field as a nutrient source for soil and as natural weed control.

Together the Fairtrade ingredients in Gusto Cola comprise 73% of the total ingredients, excluding added water.


Gusto Cola uses a unique blend of organic ingredients that include the warm sweet notes of Fairtrade Madagascan vanilla extract and the citrus and spice notes of Neroli, cinnamon, nutmeg and coriander essential oils. We source only the finest ingredients from around the globe to create a Real Cola with a truly premium taste.


Before the dawn of sparkling cola drinks, cola nut was central to West African culture and religion. Cola Nut  to this day remains integral  to celebrations and gatherings of social and religious significance.  Our Real Cola has cola nut at its heart — providing a  unique bitter flavour to counterbalance the sweet and citric notes of Gusto Cola and delivering a source of Theobromine (translation: Food of the Gods) that lowers blood pressure, gently stimulates and provides a sense of wellbeing.

Most low calorie colas are sweetened with artificial sweeteners that include Aspartame, Aceslulfame-K, Sucralose and Saccharin; their petrochemical-derived vanilla flavourings have never been near a vanilla bean and the ‘caramel’ colouring is not real caramel.  Gusto Cola is a truly natural cola crafted from spices and essential oils.


Phosphoric acid has been a key ingredient of cola drinks for over 100 years and has been linked to lower bone density and osteoporosis. We use organic lemon juice to replace phosphoric acid and  deliver that trademark cola ‘tang’.  Our sweetening ingredients  include organic agave inulin, a sweet-tasting non-calorific fiber and prebiotic that supports healthy populations of gut flora that assist in calcium absorption and bone strength.

Gusto Organic Energy

Back in 1990 Gusto Original was the first natural energy drink in the UK. We set out to create a drink that was chemical and additive free and that derived its sweetness from apple juice and its energy from Amazon Guarana and a family of ginsengs and Chinese herbs. For over 20 years Gusto has been the ‘go to’ drink for natural, apple juice sweetened Guarana stimulation. In 2006 we gained Soil Association certification and became the UK’s first organic, apple juice sweetened natural energy drink. Gusto Original and Gusto Energy Lemonade stand out in the crowded world of functional drinks combining artisan production with the very finest ingredients to deliver flavour, stimulation and wellbeing, the Gusto way.


Gusto Original

Organic Energy

Fourteen carefully blended botanicals combine to create Gusto Original Organic Energy. Inspired by a 12th Century Taoist recipe to aid concentration, Gusto Original combines Amazon guarana and four ginseng varieties including a 7 year old forest grown Panax Ginseng to create an uplifting sparkling drink for sustained energy and mental focus

Gusto Lemonade

Organic Energy

We crush whole organic Sicilian lemons to release their natural lemon oils. To this we add a little lemongrass essential oil for an extra flavour twist. The effect is a super zingy lemonade with the power of Amazon Guarana, Siberian Ginseng and wonder herb Astragalus for refreshment, energy and stamina.


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