Gusto Cola  – Naturally low calorie Fairtrade cola

Fairtrade Certified

We use organic and Fairtrade certified cane sugar from Paraguay and organic and Fairtrade Vanilla extract from Madagascar in Gusto Cola, providing a fair deal for farmers and their communities.

Naturally low calorie

Gusto Cola is sweetened with organic cane sugar, organic stevia extract and natural zero calorie sweetener erythritol. The EU does not currently allow the use of organic stevia extract in organic beverages – we can no longer certify our Gusto Cola as ‘organic’ now we produce Gusto Cola in Europe. We will continue to campaign for natural and organic sweeteners to be allowed in organic products in Europe as we believe, as do the US Department of Agriculture, that there is a place for reduced sugar organic beverages.

We’ve dropped the acid

Industrial rust remover Phosphoric Acid has been a key ingredient of cola drinks for over 100 years and has been linked to lower bone density and osteoporosis. We use organic lemon juice to replace phosphoric acid and deliver that familiar cola ‘tang’.

We use no nasties

Most low calorie colas are sweetened with artificial sweeteners that include aspartame, acefulsame-K, sucralose and saccharin; their vanilla flavourings have never been near a vanilla bean and the ‘caramel’ colouring is not real caramel. Gusto Cola is a natural cola crafted from spices and essential oils, no fake flavours and strange preservatives, just a great tasting natural cola.

Real African cola nut

Before the dawn of sparkling cola drinks, cola nut was central to West African culture and religion. To this day cola nut remains integral to celebrations, ceremonies and gathererings.
Gusto Cola has cola nut at its heart – providing a unique bitter flavour to counterbalance our sweet and citric flavour notes and delivering a source of Theobromine (translation: food of the Gods) that lowers blood pressure, gently stimulates and provides a sense of wellbeing.