“We are delighted to offer a drink created with an adult audience in mind and for optimal immune support. Super DC will ensure you hit your daily reference intake of vitamins, which can be enjoyed as your one a day on the go or from the breakfast table as part of your daily routine. Our new drinks are born from an age where there is a significant focus on immune support; we wanted to bring a sense of occasion to a natural vitamin drink. We think Super DC offers exceptional taste like no other vitamin drink on the market”.

Will Fugard

CEO, Gusto



Packed to the brim with high strength Vitamins D and C, together with Vitamins A, K, Zinc and Folic Acid, Super DC is designed to deliver a daily vitamin boost and keep your immune system intact all year round!

High in antioxidants, Super DC contains a mega dose of Vitamin D (200% RI) and Vitamin C (2500% RI) known for their immune boosting properties, hence the Super DC name.

These delicious plant-based drinks contain a high percentage of real fruit juice, are low in calories at less than 60 calories a can and created with the finest botanical ingredients such as Elderberry, White Mulberry, Blackcurrant and Acerola Cherry.  This immune-boosting formula is high in anthocyanins that fight free radicals and bring a wonderfully diverse flavour. 

Super DC contains 500mg per can of plant based ascorbic acid, the most absorbable form of Vitamin C!

These delicious drinks also contain plant goodness in the form of Elderberry, Acerola cherry and Mulberry extract: a rich collection of fruit ingredients packed with anthocyanins and phytonutrients noted for their high antioxidant properties which also deliver an explosion of flavours that we naturally associate with wellbeing!

Did you know that Acerola cherries are one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin C in the world and that Elderberries have twice the Vitamin C of oranges and three times the antioxidants of blueberries?

In fact Elderberries have been used in traditional medicine for centuries to treat flu and the common cold. Bursting with brightly coloured pigments, that act as natural antioxidants and are also a wonderful natural source of Vitamin C. A number of studies have found that elderberries can reduce cold and flu symptoms by several days.

White Mulberry also protects against free radical damage helping to keep our immune system strong!