Lemonade is a hugely popular flavour, so why are Gusto trying to add their unique spin to a formula so popular, tried and tested?

Well, we like things a little less sweet and a little more complex. There are a multitude of lemonades on the market that donk you on the head with a strong lemon flavour and assault you taste buds with refined sugar or the lingering horror of artificial sweeteners.

So, we thought, lets re-imagine this classic flavour through the Gusto lens….

The finest organic Sicilian Lemon juice, big knobbly lemons packed with flavour, the home of the lemon (we’re a sucker for things Sicilian as you may have spotted). To this most wonderful juice we’ve introduced fresh yuzu juice and the oil from cold-pressed yuzu peel to bring another gentle, delicate and wonderfully fragrant flavour.

How did a simple lemonade take 18 months to develop? Ingredients, just getting our hands on the finest fresh yuzu juice shipped frozen from the farm, a juice with exceptional flavour and colour and a scent that fills your nose and sweeps you to a higher plain.

We’ve sweetened our Sicilian Lemon with yuzu, with Fairtrade agave, Fairtrade apple juice and a light touch of organic grape juice. Calories per bottle are below 100 and our low GI wont leave you too sugar high.

Originally a wild citrus from China and Tibet, yuzu bushes bare a light load of knobbly small grapefruit-shaped fruit with a taste somewhere on the scale between mandarin, lemon, and pomelo. They have a scent and delicacy of flavour that has secured their place in many a Michelin starred kitchen around the globe. Primarily grown in Japan and Korea, yuzu bushes have an extraordinary resilience and can withstand cold winters with sub-zero conditions.

So for a light, complex, lemonade with a hint of yuzu magic, Gusto Sicilian Lemon With Yuzu awaits your delectation.