Gusto Organic Real Cherry Cola is a flavour that resonates with soft drinks fans across the ages. It’s a naughty secret – an indulgent delight. When we were thinking about the drinks we most enjoy, cherry cola was right up at the top of the list.

Then we started to look around at the competition. Was there really an organic cherry cola (or, indeed, any form of cherry cola) that ticked our boxes and pressed those flavour buttons that reside deep in our memories? 

 In short, the answer was no. The leading cherry colas in Europe were not the stuff of our dreams. As with so many soft drinks, they were packed with refined sugar, or for the zero-calorie obsessed, they were humming with artificial sweeteners. There was nothing really organic available at all. Naturally, that got us thinking…

Looking a little closer at most cherry colas, we found that there rarely seems to be much cherry juice involved. Neither could we really see where the caffeine comes from, and – to top it all – the festivals of E-numbers were loaded with phosphoric acid (or E338, as it is less charmingly known). We’re not big fans of phosphoric acid and firmly believe it has no place in our food and drink. Why blend a drink with a chemical rust remover that’s used to make artificial fertilizers? It’s beyond us. 

So, it was with this challenge that we devised our very own Gusto Organic Real Cherry Cola, a wonderful sharp, sweet blast of organic cherry juice perfectly balanced with organic and Fairtrade Madagascan vanilla. In place of E338 we bring in that distinct bite with organic lemon juice. We sweeten with that most luxurious of sweeteners, organic blue agave from Jalisco in Mexico – a warm, sweet nectar that brings a unique flavour dimension whilst also allowing us to cut down on calories (blue agave is sweeter than sugar and 25% lower in calories). 

To this blend of fruit, spices and organic essential oils we add kola nut from the rainforests of Africa, a sublime and ceremonial ingredient that offers mild caffeine stimulation through theobromine – literally translated as ‘The Food of the Gods’.  No synthetic caffeine here, just kola nut to bring those memories flooding back, and a gentle lift to an organic cherry cola like no other. So, welcome to the world Gusto Organic Real Cherry Cola – unique, and (we think) an indulgent and tantalising beauty to consume.