Gusto Naturally Slim Cola is the low-calorie partner to Gusto Organic Real Cola. With the same blend of organic ingredients, Gusto have reduced the calories in their Slim Cola by using a light touch of organic stevia alongside organic erythritol and organic blue agave. At 55 calories a bottle, it’s a light, refreshing and balanced low-calorie alternative to big brand diet colas that are commonly characterised by their use of artificial sweeteners.

We craft our Naturally Slim Cola flavour by using organic essential oils of lemon, orange, lime, neroli, cinnamon, nutmeg and coriander. We blend these with kola nut, organic lemon juice, organic caramel and spring water from the hills of Exmoor to deliver a premium low-caloie cola like no other.

Gusto Real and Slim Cola are free from phosphoric acid (commonly used as an industrial rust remover), which provides the acid ‘bite’ in a multitude of big brand soft drinks. Phosphoric acid is proven to contribute to bone calcium depletion, weakening bones and osteoporosis. At Gusto Organic Drinks, we stay as far away from phosphoric acid as possible, instead using organic lemon juice to provide our distinctive citrus bite.